For me, the most fun is change or growth. There are definitely elements of both that I like. Launching a business is kind of like a motorboat: You can go very quickly and turn fast.” - Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos



Weekly Millionaire Tips

a weekly Millionaire Tip (& resource) on what you need to take control of your business.


Business Tools & Resources

We have a variety of tools, resources, and solutions for your business. From Business Valuations to detailed 5-Year Business Plans, to Assessments such as DISC, Motivators, Sales IQ, and more.


Here are a few of the assessments we offer for you and your team:

  • DISC
  • Motivators
  • Hartman Value Profile (critical thinking)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)
  • Learning Styles
  • Sales IQ

$125/per assessment


Business Valuation

What is your business worth? Amazingly, 75% of small businesses don’t know what they’re worth. In the opinion of the Small Business Association, this is one of the two most important challenges these companies and their owners face. Click here for more info…

  • Discover what your business is worth
  • Monitor your value for a year
  • Optimize growth strategies


Business Strategy Session + Business Valuation

Understand what your business is worth, and then sit down with one of our growth strategy experts and identify the strategies required to increase the value of your business over the next 2-3 years.

  • Business Value as it stands today
  • What levers to pull to increase the value
  • Identify a minimum of 10 strategies to massively increase your business in a 1-2 hours guided session


5 Year Business Plan

We help you plan a little differently. This is an interactive workshop split over a few weeks where you work on your business using powerful business concepts and business tools to drive the success of your business. Click here for more info…

  • Dramatically grow cash flow for your business
  • Build a powerful business plan for gaining loans
  • Master the 6 Key Drivers of cash flow critical to the success of your business
  • Create a plan Guaranteed to grow your business


Education & Coaching for all levels of business

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. Are you ready to set your business on the ultimate track to success? You'll have the tools and strategies you'll need to guide your business to higher profits and greater levels of success.

Our clients see an average of 7x+ ROI on coaching programs within 12 months. & we Guarantee Results in Coaching.


Even at the Ph.D. level, school never teaches you how to be a business owner. Our online education has roughly 6-9 months of video education (with action items for you after each session) to grow your foundational knowledge.

  • Go at your own pace
  • Classes in business, life, and wealth
  • Homework from each session to work through
  • Learn from the worlds #1 Coaching Firm
  • 2 Free Weeks to Try it Out




Founders U. is our specialized startup program is primarily for businesses doing less than $250,000 a year in revenue. This group meets every two weeks. If you are just getting started, the technician of your business or feeling stuck, this 4 month accelerated program is for you!

  • Startup Education
  • Grouped with 6-10 other startups
  • Online Education included ($2,400 value)
  • Get your business above $250,000/yr fast!



  • Build Your Business Owner Community
  • Peer Group of 3 meets weekly
  • Monthly 1/2 day with your coaching team
  • Get your business above $250,000/yr!



  • Everything Standard Membership has and…
  • Elite adds in your Action Board
  • Elite = monthly full day with your coaching team
  • Get your business above $500,000/yr!

Elite $295/week

MEMBERSHIP Elite + Group

Membership Elite + Group Coaching pairs you with other business owners in a similar stage in groups 3.

  • Everything included in Membership Elite and…
  • Weekly Coaching in a groups of 3 businesses
  • 1 Mini Alignment is included ($1,500 value)
  • BizX America Ticket Included
  • Most workshops included
  • 17 Week Guarantee
  • Get your business above $750,000/yr!

Elite + Group $495/week

MEMBERSHIP Elite + 1:1

Our most accelerated Membership Level. You and Your Coach focused on accelerating YOU & YOUR Business

  • Everything from Membership Elite + Group and…
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching 1:1 with Your Coach
  • 1 Alignment is included ($3,000 value)
  • All workshops included
  • Based on team size
  • 17 Week Guarantee
  • Build your $1M+ Business to Work Without YOU!

Elite + 1:1 Starting @ $895/week

Our most accelerated level

This level is more bespoke to the business/corporation, more accelerated, and more leveraged. Primarily for those entities who are $10M-$100M, looking to sprint their growth, team, mindset, and organization.

Entrepreneur Executive

Our Executive Coaching is not like the other "coaches" around. We have a proven process that will massively move you & your team forward. You will go through our 360 assessment and focus on what will have the greatest improvement to your corporation.

  • CEO enrolled into *Quarterly Executive Board
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions – leadership team
  • Coached by the #1 Client Results Firm Globally
  • Trackable progress through a proven system
  • A suite of team assessments ($2,500 credit)
  • Learn to 10x Your Corporation
  • Quarterly Team Workshops
  • 12-month program cycles
  • Give yourself more life
  • 1 Alignment is included ($3,000 value)


Success Coaching

Become the person you aspire to be. Success coaching is focused on you (both personally and in your business), your individual roadblocks, and a clear path to removing them. We all have areas we can improve, we all have beliefs, values, and dreams to achieve. This coaching unlocks your personal full potential & identify your blindspots. A few areas of focus are: Sense of Direction, Understanding, Courage, Clarity, Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Acceptance ++


This is a 9-week program focused on you.

  • Must complete all homework on time
  • Homework is checked by a coach
  • No feedback provided
  • 9 Week Program




This is a 9-week program focused on you.

  • Must complete all homework on time
  • Homework is checked by a coach
  • Feedback is in writing through email or the coaching portal
  • Online Business Education included
  • 9 Week Program



The SUCCESS VIP Program takes the standard program to a more in-depth level.

  • Must complete all homework on time
  • Homework is checked by your assigned NLP coach
  • Step by step explanation of exercises when needed
  • Feedback is in writing through email or the coaching portal + voice messages
  • Online Business Education included
  • Templates and Systems included
  • Client Pricing on All Workshops
  • 9 Week Program



Breakthrough coaching is a 1:1 program focused on a single area of focus at a time

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 9 Hours Total over 3 Weeks
  • Pre-Work and Tasking Assigned
  • 3 Months of Follow Up Support
  • In-Depth Sessions with Your NLP Coach
  • Step by step explanation of all exercises
  • Online Business Education Included
  • Templates and Systems Included
  • Client Pricing on All Workshops

$6000 per area of focus