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Business Planning

7 Keys to Successful Business Planning

  • The Thinking Process is a Key Factor to creating a Strategic Plan that will out-maneuver your competition and provide you with sustainable differentiation. The ActionCOACH Strategic Thinking & Planning Process will provide you with the expanded competitive separation you have been seeking!
  • Map out your marketplace landscape and look at it from a new perspective and set of lenses through the guidance of your Certified ActionCOACH.
  • Comprehensive SWOT Analysis to reduce Blind Spots that will cause major problems in the future and to increase Clarity on the Strategic Openings available in the marketplace today and in the future to have timing advantages.
  • Define your customer’s unique needs and how your organization will exceed those needs through a unique selling proposition and Brand Promise that your Team will be equipped to deliver upon every time!
  • The Functional Area Plans to provide Clarity in all areas of your business for your entire Team including: Marketing Plan, Sales Plan, Operations Plan, Financial Plan, Team Development Plan and Continuous Improvement Plan
  • A Clear 5 Year Strategic Plan that maps out your future growth, profits, cash flow, owner’s compensation and market value increase.
  • Living plan that you and your Management Team can update and also model other scenarios.

7 Keys to Successful Business Planning

PlanningCLUB is an exciting and interactive workshop lead by certified ActionCOACH business coaches. The comprehensive, proven tools and techniques you learn will turn your data and ideas into a dynamic and more powerful action plan to grow your business.

Your plan will focus on creating higher PROFITS, getting greater CASHFLOW and ultimately increasing the VALUE of your business. You will have the ability to do a five-year projection for your profit and losses, update your balance sheet and manage cashflow on both an annualized and marginal basis.

Is Business Planning Right for You?

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Business Valuations

A Major Key to Gaining Investors or Exiting Your Business

Selling your business is a big deal and when you set it up the right way, you can exit it for a huge wealth event. Our valuation process helps you identify areas of potential improvement, your current value of the business, and a path forward to improve it, including:

  • Owner Dependency
  • Vendor Concentration
  • Key Employees
  • Limited Perceived Value
  • Customer Concentration
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Financial Accuracy
  • Financial Trends
  • & a list of 40+ more items

Is a Business Valuation Right for You?

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What is an Alignment?

Every day, every hour, every moment we make choices about what to do and how to do it in both our personal and business lives. The purpose of your alignment is intended to bring your life to purpose by transforming your lofty dreams into concrete, deadline-driven goals and then choosing action on a moment-to-moment basis that are congruent with your deepest values.

The alignment process will enable you to:

  • Identify your personal vision and values
  • Create a time-sensitive Action Plan that will propel you into action with S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Re-engineer your schedule so you can spend more time on what’s most important to you rather than what’s most important to others